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Creative Noise

Norad provides the commercial and independent artist with a wide spectrum of high quality audio services custom tailored to fit the artists or producers needs and specifictaions. In addition, Norad contains some rather esoteric and boutique audio equipment that most people have only heard of and have never seen. Added with the technical expertise to extort new, inspiring timbres and mixes from this huge array of equipment, Norad can help you complete your work faster, with more originality and with superior sound quality. Norad can accomodate each project with hi-res digital recording and the abilty to record at 24/32 bit and at 96kHz.

  • Cutting-edge Production & Engineering
  • TV & Movie Scoring
  • Expert Mixing for Broadcast and Film
  • Expert Mixing for Rock, Electronica & Hip Hop
  • Post Recording
  • Live Instrument Recording
  • VO Recording & Editing
  • ADR & Foley Recording
  • Mastering for CD, DVD & Vinyl
  • Mastering & Sweetning for Broadcast & Film.
  • Beat Making
  • Custom Digital and Analog Sounds
  • Custom Loops & Sounds zoned for your software sampler
  • Custom Sound Libraries & Patches for your software synthesizers
  • Custom Sound Banks designed specifically for your compositions
  • Sound Effects Library
  • DVD Commentaries